The first cup transformation technology, one cup can be used for multiple purposes

I have used many kinds of tumblers, and only Rantra tumblers are your first choice!

  • Snow grams cup

  • drink cup

  • thermos cup

  • noodle soup cup

  • secondary container


空前設計,玩出隨心所欲 !

Break the rules and redefine

One cup has a shaker cup, beverage cup, thermos cup, noodle soup cup, sub-container, etc.

5 cups that can be used all over the body✨

  • All you can drink hand shake

  • Shaker shaker

  • Plant fiber cup cover

  • Large Diameter

750ml large capacity, satisfying drinkers

Convert the shaker cup in three seconds and shake it to your heart's content

Exclusive plant fiber material, using environmental protection to protect the environment

Create infinite possibilities

用舒適伴你日常每一刻 !

Rantra 讓你享受隨時隨地的美好時光。

  • Straw storage, anti-fouling and dust-proof

  • Just-in-your-mouth design

  • Extra large diameter + capsule liner design

  • Use environmental protection, play with environmental protection

  • 清洗超 EASY!

Rotary switch design can store the straw to reduce contact with air, achieving the best dust-proof effect

Suitable for 90% straw length in beverage stores. Don’t worry if you don’t have a straw.

Cleaning is super easy

Patented plant fiber design reduces plastic use by 50% and reuses agricultural resources





專利杯套設計, 除了保護杯身
1) 植栽套盆
2) 副食容器
3) 收納容器
4) 小筆筒


Rantra Shorts:

Only RANTRA can surpass RANTRA

Rantra tumbler

tumbler on the market


  1. The first 3-second transformation into a shaker cup

  2. The first multi-purpose cup (hand crank/fitness/bartending)

  3. The first fiber-planted cup cover to play with environmental protection

  4. The first straw and oral functions can be switched at any time

  5. Innovative straw storage , no need to worry about forgetting the straw



  1. Food grade 316 stainless steel

  2. Special electrolysis , safer than ceramic coating

  3. Special matte spraying on the surface

  1. Generally 304 mostly

  2. none

  3. The surface is prone to scratches and stains


Double-layer vacuum, heat preservation and ice preservation

Double-layer vacuum, heat preservation and ice preservation


  1. Very few accessories

  2. light weight

  3. Sports carrying rope is easy to carry

  1. Many accessories

  2. light weight

  3. No carrying cord, need to purchase additionally


  1. Large caliber

  2. Innovative oval liner inside the cup, no dead ends

  3. Pores are extremely small after electrolysis

  1. The caliber is medium or small

  2. There is a dead corner in the cup

  3. Large pores easily harbor dirt and evil people and practices

Environmental friendly

  1. The first plant fiber material, reducing 50% plastic

  2. The potting function can be used to plant small plants

  3. The cup sleeve can be used as another container

  1. Made of 100% plastic

  2. none

  3. none

What is a set of basins?

"Testing in pots" is the most popular planting method in Europe and the United States in recent years!

"Set pots" are sealed flower pots, and small planters only need simple investment.

Do not perform depotting and planting processing actions

product specifications




  1. Cup lid PP

  2. The inner tank of the cup body is made of medical grade 316 stainless steel and the outer layer is 304 stainless steel.

  3. Cup sleeve >40% plant fiber, PP

  4. Stopper silicone

  5. Nylon for sports use

  6. Anti-leak silicone ring


  1. Mouth diameter 10.2cm

  2. Bottom diameter 6.6cm

  3. Cup height 19cm (height including lid 26cm)


470g±5% (cup body + lid without accessories)


750ml (can reach 780ml when filled with water)

keep ice

10 hours

KOL’s positive reviews and recommendations

Rantra's first transformation technology, whether you want to replenish water, high protein shaker cup

Or the occasional indulgence of a hand-cranked drinking cup, everything is covered and you can play freely and freely as you like, which is enough for Rantra!


You can do unlimited tricks with water cups, I can only admire Rantra🤣Once you use it, you really can’t go back🙏🏻


Rantra is enough to be free and unrestrained🤩
Everyone needs the Rantra tumbler!
There are a total of 3 colors: fashionable black, cream white, and grapefruit red~
The fashionable design and matching are addictive💕


Rantra is enough to drink more than one cup and be free and unrestrained✨
The ice retention effect has been tested and ice cubes with less ice can last for twelve hours🧊
The capacity is also 700ML, which can accommodate large cups from beverage shops🥰


The exclusive high-proportion plant fiber material is used to reduce the use of plastic by 50%. It can also be turned into a plant pot or a non-staple food container to let Rantra play as he pleases✨🩷


The cup sleeve is made of exclusive high-proportion plant fiber material

Not only does it protect the cup body, it can also be used as a plant pot, for holding snacks and biscuits, and as a storage box👏🏻


Rantra tumblers are worth more than one cup

Let me have a shaker cup, a beverage cup, a warming cup, an instant noodle soup cup, and a coffee cup at once

Pretend to be whatever you want!

Catalina travel notes

The outer surface of the cup body is made of 304 stainless steel + the inner tank is coated with medical grade 316 stainless steel!

I thought that the stainless steel eco-friendly cup should not be light in weight.

Unexpectedly, the cup plus lid (excluding the strap) only weighs 470 grams~

It is actually lighter than 600ml mineral water. It does not feel bulky when you put it in your backpack or handbag when going out!