Terms of Service

Terms of Service

  1. Welcome to Rantra (hereinafter referred to as "this website"). This website is an e-commerce website operated by Shengjia Technology Co., Ltd. Any user who uses this website must accept and agree to these terms of use (hereinafter referred to as these terms) in order to Use the various services provided by this website. Before your first purchase, please read carefully and agree to the terms of use of this website. When you start shopping, it means that you have read, understood and agreed to accept these terms. If you do not agree to these terms, please do not fill in the basic information and complete the subsequent shopping process.
  2. This website may modify and change the terms of use from time to time. It is recommended that you pay attention to website announcements at any time. Changes will take effect on the announcement date. If you continue to use the services of this website after changes or modifications, you will be deemed to have understood and accepted it. and agree to the changed or modified terms of use. If you do not agree to these terms, please immediately stop using the related services of this website.
  3. If you are under twenty years old, or are a person who does not have full capacity to act according to the law, please be accompanied by your parent (or guardian) to read these Terms. After your parent (or guardian) reads, understands and agrees, you to use or continue to use this service. When you use or continue to use this service, it is presumed that your parent (or guardian) has carefully read, understood and agreed to accept all the contents of these Terms of Use and their subsequent modifications.

Trading Notes

  1. The number of products provided on this website is limited. Please select and complete the ordering process as soon as possible. Putting it in the shopping cart does not mean that you have completed the ordering. If other users have completed the ordering process before you complete the ordering process, the quantity of the goods will be Sold out.
  2. You must place an order based on the confirmation of product quantity and price mechanism provided by this website. This website will not accept your order unless it is rejected with justifiable reasons within 3 working days after placing the order. However, if you have paid, the transaction will be deemed to be established unless otherwise provided by law.
  3. This website may set an upper limit on the quantity that individual consumers can order each time for specific products. When an order is placed online that exceeds this quantity, or the same consumer places multiple orders with multiple accounts, this website is only responsible for shipping to a single consumer in accordance with the upper limit of quantity.
  4. The delivery of the products on this website is based on the method you choose and specify when ordering. The product pricing does not include shipping costs. Only if you meet certain event discount conditions, this website will bear the freight according to the product shipping method you choose. If you do not meet the conditions for shipping discounts due to the return of some goods, this website will charge the original shipping cost of the order from the refund amount for your cancellation of the contract (the shipping cost will be subject to the website announcement at the time of placing the order).
  5. You may exercise your right to terminate the contract within the 7-day hesitation period in accordance with Article 19 of the Consumer Protection Act. Please note that the hesitation period is not a trial period and is only for you to evaluate whether to purchase the product. If you actually use the product, it may affect your right to terminate the contract and receive a refund.

※For more shopping-related matters, please refer to the shopping instructions on this website.

Anti-fraud awareness

※If you receive an unknown call, it is a scam as long as the following conditions are met. Please be careful and do not follow any instructions.

  1. Any call stating that the amount is incorrect, repeated deductions, remittances, repeated orders, incorrectly set monthly deductions, failed card swiping, incorrect barcode swiping, etc. are all scams.
  2. ATM transfers can only transfer out accounts, and cannot cancel installments or refunds. Rantra will not use the phone to instruct you to operate the ATM, so please be vigilant.
  3. If you encounter a suspicious call (the caller is in a noisy environment, has a rude attitude, speaks with a foreign accent, etc.), please remain calm. You can report it to the 165 anti-fraud hotline, call for verification, or inquire through Line’s official account @rantra.

intellectual property rights

All content on this website, including but not limited to: product pictures, model photos, art illustrations, trademarks, other signs or information, etc., are owned by this website or relevant rights holders in accordance with the law, and are protected by copyright law, trademark law, patent law, business Protection from confidentiality and fair dealing laws. Any use may not be allowed without the prior permission or authorization of this website or the rights holder to avoid infringement.

Service Termination and Modification

  1. This website will maintain the normal operation of this website in accordance with generally reasonable technologies and methods. However, this website has the right to suspend its services under the following circumstances:
  2. Necessary replacement, upgrade, maintenance and repair of relevant software and hardware equipment of this website.
  3. Sudden equipment failure; service interruption caused by natural disasters or other force majeure factors.
  4. The information is displayed incorrectly due to external influences, or it may be repaired, tampered with, deleted or retrieved and cannot function properly.
  5. If a user violates the terms of use of this website or laws, the user's service will be suspended.
  6. The above responsibilities cannot be attributed to this website, and this website does not bear any compensation or compensation.

About terms of use

  1. This website has the right to temporarily or permanently modify or terminate these Terms at any time. You agree that this website will not bear any responsibility to you or any third party for any modification, suspension and termination.
  2. You agree that this website may, at its sole discretion, terminate your account and password for any reason, including but not limited to lack of use, or if this website believes that you have violated the content and spirit of these Terms of Use.
  3. This website may also unilaterally terminate this website or these terms or any part thereof at any time based on its own consideration without prior notice. You acknowledge and agree that this website can immediately close or delete your account and all related information in your account. You also agree that if your account, password and related information are closed or removed, this website will not be liable to you or any third party. We do not assume any responsibility.


When you agree to use the services of this website, it means that you are doing so out of your own will and agree to be at your own risk. This website does not need to bear any responsibility when the following situations occur:

  1. This website makes no representations or warranties, express or implied.
  2. This website does not guarantee the stability, security, error-free and uninterrupted nature of its services, including the presence of viruses or other harmful content in its services or emails sent.
  3. This website will not be responsible for any damage caused by the use of this website if any resource loss occurs due to the information obtained from the services of this website.
  4. The personal information filled in on this website is purely personal behavior, and this website is not responsible for the authenticity or completeness of its content.
  5. Anyone who publishes or publishes false or illegal information, infringes the rights of others, deceives or extorts through this website is purely a personal act. This website is not responsible for any disputes arising from this and will reserve the right of legal prosecution. Hereby statement!