About the tumbler

Q1. Can it be placed in a dish dryer or microwave?

Please do not put it in the dishwasher/dryer or microwave oven to avoid danger.

Q2. What is the service life of the handle?

The overall grip and material structure are specially designed. As long as it is not man-made or seriously damaged, the product will not have any problems with the service life of the shaker.

Q3. How long does it take to keep warm and ice?

Keep ice for about 10 hrs, and the normal hot water temperature is 60-100 degrees.

Q4. Can the cup be placed in the car cup holder?

OK! The diameter of the bottom of our cup is about 70mm, so it can be used as a general cup holder!

Q5. Is the lid tight? Will it leak if placed at an angle?

It adopts a rotary opening lid and is equipped with an original stopper to increase the sealing. You don't have to worry about leakage even when tilting and shaking.

Q6. Why not ceramic coating?

We use a safer electrolysis process to make cups. Compared with ceramic coatings, which still have the problem of coating peeling, electrolysis shrinks the pores of the cup from the nature of the material, substantially reducing the problem of collecting dirt and people and people, and making it safer. No smell will remain in the pores!

Q7. Are there any restrictions on drinks?

As long as it is not a high concentration of strong acid or alkali, it will not cause damage to stainless steel.
Therefore, regular drinks are acceptable!

The inner tank is made of medical-grade 316 stainless steel and is safe to drink. However, please do not store dairy products and carbonated drinks to avoid deterioration and corrosion damage to the product.

Q8. Leak-proof effect?

We use a thermos-like process to produce the tumbler. "No leakage" is the most basic quality of the product. You can enjoy your drinks with peace of mind and experience the shaker function!

Q9. What is the status of residual odor?

We use an electrolysis process that is safer and easier to clean to make cups. Electrolysis shrinks the capillary pores of the cup from the nature of the material, substantially reducing the problem of collecting dirt and people and people, and there is no smell left behind in the capillary pores!

Q10. How long is the warranty period?

From the time you receive the product, we provide a one-year warranty for damage not caused by improper use.
If it is defective when leaving the factory, it can be replaced or repaired free of charge.

About accessories

Q1. Is the lanyard easy to break?

Every product of Rantra is designed with outdoor (leisure, light camping) functions!
In terms of outdoor convenience and use, we specially use a sports nylon rope + metal hanging ring design, which can withstand 3 times the weight of the entire cup filled with drinks!

Q2. Will the length of commercial straws fall in?

The Rantra tumbler is suitable for nearly 90% of the straw sizes (21cm~22cm) used in Taiwanese handshakes. Just like drinking from a takeaway handshake, you can insert the straw and drink on the go!

Q3. What is the material of the straw? Heat resistant temperature?

We use tritan material, which generally has a boiling point of about 100°C to minus 20°C.

Q4. Can you demonstrate how to operate the silicone ring?

1) Disassembly: Knock the cup lid slightly for 1-2 times, and the rubber ring will loosen for easy removal, or you can use a small tool (small toothpick, etc.) to easily hook it out.

2) Cleaning: Just use regular household detergent + clean water. Later, we will use pictures, texts or videos to introduce the actual cleaning methods.

Q5. Is the cup lid easy to clean?

We use PP materials specially used for food containers. Generally, detergents, temperatures, and cleaning strips are no problem. The structural design adopts a more American style and reduces unnecessary accessories to make cleaning more convenient!

other problems

Q1. Will there be transparent cups in the future?

Rantra tumblers have plans to launch a transparent series with new functions, which not only have a transparent appearance, but also have innovative functions!

Q2. Will new colors be unlocked?

Although the 3-color basic model is currently being launched as the first launch, other special models will be launched in the future, which will be announced in the brand announcement.

Q3. Will you open a physical store?

Rantra will hold brand exhibition areas and pop-up events in the future, and provide participants with purchases through online mode.

Heat preservation and ice preservation test

Material certificate